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Couples Counselling

If you are having difficult issues in your relationship then coming together to a Couples counsellor can be beneficial. You may want help because of a particular crisis; but sometimes it is helpful when the issues are minor but niggling.

With the support of the therapist it becomes possible to look at negative patterns of behaviour which are being repeated in the relationship. When the origin of these tendencies can be understood, then the meaning of the difficulties becomes clearer, and negative feelings worked through. This can clear the way for more positive ways of interacting, and greater mutual satisfaction with the relationship. However, if this is not possible then the therapy can help smooth the passage to a more positive ending.

Common types of problems

We don't talk anymore; I am the one who does all the giving; there is someone else: a very good friend, an internet contact, an affair; porn has become difficult; sex isn't happening; we argue all the time; money worries are not shared equally; we can't agree about children; we haven't coped well with a crisis or loss.

Couples come to Couples Counselling who are married, living together, straight or gay.

Joan Crooks has trained in Couples Therapy and has a Certificate in Psychosexual Studies.

Steve Seaton is an experienced Couples Counsellor.

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