Psychotherapy Helps

Counselling & Psychotherapy in South Hertfordshire


Joan and Steve are both experienced supervisors, trained to Certificate and Diploma level. Joan studied supervision with Michael Jacobs at the University of Leicester; and Steve with Cascade Training Associates in Woking.

Our approach to Supervision is collegial in its nature. We aim to provide non-directive reflective therapeutic space, in which the meanings of client material, of supervisee feelings and responses, and of parallel processes can be fruitfully explored. Clinical insights and practice are strengthened. In sessions, we may suggest reference to aspects of theory to underpin developing insights into any client material presented.

Although our professional experience and insights are informed by psychodynamic understanding our training equips us to work with a wide variety of approaches.

We readily accept that the emotional well-being of the counsellor/therapist is important; and we endeavour to provide containing, supportive and very personal support in the absorbing but often challenging clinical work which all therapists encounter.

Where appropriate, we also offer to support the ongoing training and learning of supervisees; and we set out to facilitate the professional development of the supervisee in all respects.

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